Visit: Tuesday 06/02/2018 20:00hrs

This was my first time visiting FlatIronSteak.


My friend and I got there just before 19:00hrs however they had no tables available at the time and there was a bit of a queue. They offered to put us down on the waiting list and would text us when a table became available. As we had time on our side; we decided to get drinks elsewhere whilst waiting for the table.

After an hour of us enjoying some drinks at TGIs (also my first time there), I received a text to say our table was ready. When we got there, the queue was gone and once inside; it was lovely and not crowded at all although every table was taken. It's definitely a nice enough restaurant to even go on a date night.


If there is anything that I find most frustrating; it's not being able to review a menu beforehand. There is no menu on their website or any allergen information and if my friend had not recommended this place to me, I probably would not have gone.

All that aside, our waiter took us to our table and for starters, they offer complimentary beef dripping popcorn. I absolutely love popcorn and steak and having a combination of the two was just heaven. I loved the popcorn so much that we asked for more and we ended up with 3 servings (on the house).

Once we got the menu; it still wasn't clear what I could have in terms of allergens however our waiter was knowledgeable enough and both me and my friend had their *£10 steak which is served with a leaf salad. The beef dripping chips can be added as a side for *£2.50

IMPORTANT:  always ask about allergens as recipes and ingredients can change.

*Prices correct as of 06/02/2018.

PS. For those of you that eat dairy and gluten; you get complimentary ice cream with your food bill on your way out.

I love a good steak and if I am to be honest, I was slightly underwhelmed by the food. I feel like I need to give FlatIron another visit before I completely write it off as I have read and heard a lot of good reviews. The chips were great but the steak itself (even for a tenner) was just not as good as I am used to.


The restaurant we went to was the Covent Garden one:

17/18 Henrietta St, Covent Garden, WC2E 8QH

There is no online menu and they do not take reservations. Show up and try your luck!

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