Beauty: Simple Everyday Makeup Using My Favourite Brushes

It's not everyday that I actually wear makeup but for the times that I do, this is mostly my go to look. It's a little glam as I do bake, highlight and contour however it's still simple enough to pass as a natural everyday look.

I created this look using some of my favourite beauty products and makeup brushes. When I first started getting into wearing makeup, I used to think that the brushes you use really don't matter. I have since changed that mindset ever since I started using the Real Techniques brushes.

I got these brushes years ago and don't get me wrong, I have since bought and used other brushes but I always find that when I use the Real Techniques ones, my makeup looks so much more better.

You can easily do a full face with just about 5 to 6 brushes and that is exactly what I did to create this look. There is one brush in particular that I absolutely swear by and cannot imagine completing a makeup look without it.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

As much as I like all my other Real Techniques brushes, if I can only recommend one brush then the expert face brush is that brush. It is such an amazing versatile brush. The brush can be used to apply liquid, creme and powder products. It leaves your makeup looking natural and flawless, almost airbrushed without the photoshop. In order for your makeup to look flawless, you have to blend and this is the best brush for the job. It's firm and yet so smooth and it allows you to blend your makeup with minimum effort.

Rating: 10/10


Products Used:

I have also used these brushes and products to create other looks such as this vampy/dark lips look and neutral natural makeup look.

Real Techniques Eyeshadow Shade and Blend Makeup Brushes

Other brushes that I think are a must have are these two eyeshadow brushes. Honestly, you do not need 100 brushes when you only have one set of eyes. This is a decent brush set for your eye looks. The base shadow brush is  dense and amazing for packing on the eyeshadow and the deluxe crease brush is smooth and fluffy and great for blending eyeshadows. I deducted half a point as these brushes are quite big (can use for concealer application) and as I have hooded eyes and not that much lid space, a smaller brush would be ideal.

Rating: 9.5/10

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

I haven't tried the original beauty blender so I cannot compare the two however of all the beauty blenders that I have tried, this is by far the best one. I actually like to use mine not just for blending but also for applying powder when baking.

The rounded side is perfect for blending foundation in a dabbing motion for a smooth flawless application. The flat side is meant to be used for the contours around the eyes and nose so it is perfect for applying powder under the eyes. I have used it both wet and dry without any issues.

Rating: 10/10

Real Techniques Blush Brush

Last but not least is this blush brush. I know Real Techniques does have a powder brush but I particularly like this blush brush as a powder brush.

I think I have only ever used this as a blush brush maybe once or twice as it is such a big brush however  it is a great brush for any powder product to be honest. Just like all the other Real Techniques brushes, it is soft and of good quality and definitely leaves you looking flawless.

Rating: 9/10

I hope you guys have found this post useful if you are on the lookout for some good affordable brushes. I genuinely love these brushes and you will not be disappointed.

What brushes or products can you not live without?

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