Style: Finding the Ultimate Summer Dress – A Guide (2018)

*Please note that I received this dress for free from however all views expressed are 100% honest and entirely my own.

When Boohoo asked me to pick my ultimate spring/summer dress, I knew exactly the type of dress to go for. Not only is it the style of dress that I usually go for, but it also quite on trend at the moment.

I absolutely love dresses so picking ones that suit me has never been a problem. I know however that this can be quite daunting for others and so I thought it would be useful to put together a guide on how to pick the ultimate summer dress.

Let the Trends Guide You

A good place to start sometimes is to see what is on trend. At the moment prints are everywhere; florals, polka dots , stripes, you name it.

I love all prints however I am especially loving polka dots at the moment; they seem to be the must-have print this summer.  I did however decide to go for this star printed dress instead as the stars still look like polka dots from afar. I think that them being stars rather than dots adds a touch of uniqueness to the dress. It's still very much on trend and yet so different at the same time.

Dare to be bold

Is it really summer if you are not caught wearing big, bright, bold colours?

For the longest time I avoided wearing colour and I don't even know why. Red however has always been my favourite go-to colour for when I dared to be bold. This dress is so bright that it is reflective and I am loving it.

Rather than going for a single bright colour like I have, another fun way of adding colour is to opt for dresses with bright florals on them. After all, nothing really says spring/summer like flowers right.

"Florals? For spring? Ground breaking!"

Know Your Personal Style

I know that this is probably one area that a lot of us struggle with especially with so many styles available to choose from.

One thing that I found helpful was to look through my wardrobe and see which styles I tend to go for the most. My wardrobe has a lot of frills/ruffles and pleats which I absolutely love. I find them to be quite feminine and flattering and so choosing my ultimate dress was a breeze.

                            Think Versatility: Day to Night Dresses

This point again really links back to knowing your own personal style. I have actually worn this dress twice now in a space of three days. I wore this out for a friend's birthday dinner and also whilst just chilling in the park and I felt quite comfortable on both occasions.  I have received so many compliments on this dress. It is such an easy staple that can be dressed up or down depending on occasion.

Accessories also play a huge role in changing up your look so don't be afraid to experiment and see which items work best with your dress to make a killer outfit.

I hope you have found this post helpful and hope my tips will be of use to you when you finally look for your ultimate summer dress. If there are any other tips that you use then please do share in the comments section below.

All photos taken by me.

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