Style: New In – Ray.Ban Sunglasses

I remember the very first time that I bought a pair of high end/designer sunglasses; they were a pair of Emilio Pucci Sunglasses and I literally wore them to death.

I never thought that I would ever be the sort of person that spends hundreds of pounds on a pair of sunglasses but I have to say, there is a certain level of satisfaction when you can finally treat yourself to that one thing that you thought you could never have.

I find it really hard to find sunglasses that suit my face shape so investing in a few pairs that suit me just right is a no brainer.

Ray.ban sunglasses have always been on my wish list for the longest and being able to finally buy not only one but two pairs was literally goals for me.



Black Mirrored Clubmaster:

Mirrored sunglasses are so on trend right now however I actually didn't realise that these were mirrored when I bought them. 

I am not really into following trends especially ones that I do not think suit me/my personally so I did almost return these but seeing as they did actually look good on me, I decided to keep them.

These are definitely not a favourite pair of mine however I will definitely be reaching for them when I want to be on trend and stylish. They are definitely a classic summer staple.


Brown Square Aviator:

Being blessed with this round high-cheeks-chubby face of mine; it is extremely hard for me to find sunglasses that not only suit me look-wise but also those that sit right on my face.

Anyone who has a round face knows the struggle of finding glasses that work. The classic aviators do not work with my face at all as they dig into my cheeks so the square ones are an absolute favourite and perfect alternative style. They are very flattering and they frame my face perfectly. 

I went for these gold frame brown sunglasses as I do generally go for gold accessories and this gold and brown is very flattering on my skin tone.


 There are so many dupes of Ray.ban sunglasses out there on the market but truth be told; they may look like Ray.ban's but they are not Ray.ban's. I am not designer/name brand crazy in anyway but somethings you just cannot compare or compromise.

Ray.ban is such a classic brand with classic designs that you can wear for years and years and the quality is absolutely amazing. I am 100% happy with my purchase and this is one splurge that I do not regret. 

I think everyone deserves a touch of luxury and for me, Ray.ban's are definitely that!. 

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