Life: Pitcher and Paint – Review

Attended: Friday 17/07/2017 19:00hrs

If you have been reading my blog for long then you know that I always try to give you guys mostly the good and the not-so-good whenever I do my reviews but honestly I am struggling to come up with good things to say about this event.

I was invited to this event by a friend of mine from work who had heard about it via social media. I was honestly looking forward to attend this event even though it was on a Monday night just because of what they seemed to be promising on paper. 

The Good:

The venue was really nice and I did meet some incredible fun girls who also attended but that's as good as it got.

The Bad:

I honestly do not know were to begin; I do not want to be overly negative so I will only touch on the main points and  I also do not want to knock anyone's hustle however I was left extremely disappointed. 

Bad Hosting: there was a lot of 'good cop - bad cop' going on with some very inappropriate innuendos thrown in the mix. I found the hosting very awkward, inappropriate and not professional at all to say the least. 

Over Priced & False Advertising(?): In all honesty, I am not quite sure why they are called Pitcher and Paint as there were no pitchers in site. For £15 a ticket (£10 early bird), they promised a night of art, drinks and chilled out fun. 

To this very day I do not know what I paid £15 for as there were no drinks in site. Sad to say not even water was complimentary, I had to pay an additional £3.30 for a simple glass of water. I was really looking forward to a drink to chase the Monday blues away and sadly that did not happen.

They definitely need to be clearer in their marketing/advertising/descriptions that drinks are not included as the majority of the people who attended were most definitely expecting at the very least, a drink. That was their selling point!

The event was definitely not worth £15 in my opinion, I wasn't taught anything that I didn't already know; it was pretty much kindergarten painting. 

I honesty do not recommend this event especially for the price, you are better off just buying some white paper, water colours, a drink of your choice at your locals and doodle in the comfort of your own home and still have change in pocket. I have also since come across some very similar events on eventbrite which are absolutely free of charge.

In conclusion; it's a no from me.

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