Life: My Minimalist Wardrobe and Shopping Tips

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So I thought it was about time I did a follow up post of  Keeping Up With The Joneses. I mentioned briefly in that post that I was on a minimalist journey and thought I would share with you a few tips and tricks that have helped me along the way especially with regards to shopping.

One in-One Out Rule

This is literally one of the easiest and simplest of rules to follow (and break). I always follow this rule and have mentioned it before in my Out With The Old, In With The New post. The principle is, for every new item that you purchase, a similar item has to go. I love minimalism and so this really helps me to keep my very small wardrobe not only organised and clutter free but also enables me to see what is potentially missing from it all together.

Tip: it’s easier to follow if you get rid of an item first before you purchase its replacement (e.g. old shoes with new shoes) that way you can actually see if you really need it or if there is already something similar in your closet that you may have forgotten about.

Colour Palette 

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There used to be a time when I couldn’t wear certain items in my wardrobe simply because of colour clashes which often made me feel like I had nothing to wear. Nowadays, my wardrobe is predominantly black and the reason why is simple – I like to buy things that go together with what I already have and an all black outfit is always a winner in my books.

Tip: you do not have to wear blacks and neutrals like I do so if you enjoy wearing bright colours, think of the colour wheel. A lot of people always say to go for complementary colours but I think going for colours that are similar to each other also works. Think of different shades of the same colour or similar colours such as reds with pinks, yellows with greens, even blues with greens etc.


I always buy clothes that are fit for both work and play. I never buy something unless I can create at least 3 different looks with it, together with what is already in my wardrobe.

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For example, if I want a new top, I have to consider the following;

a. does it fit with the colours and items already in my wardrobe (can I wear it with any skirt/trousers/shorts that are already in my wardrobe)

b. can it be worn for different occasions ( casual, smart, work etc)

c. is it a multi – seasonal piece (think of layering items)

and last but not least,

d. do I really NEED it (refer back to one in-one out rule)

In all honesty, since following the above tips, I have the most confidence now in what I wear and I actually take better care of my clothes now than ever before; laundry days are also not as daunting. I can pair pretty much everything in my wardrobe and I never feel like I have nothing to wear.

Hopefully this post has been helpful and if you have any more tips of your own then please do share them in the comments section below.

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