Life: Let’s Talk Business

halima lucy chowe blogger business cards lucywachowe

Hi guys,

So with London Fashion Week around the corner, I have been thinking about having ‘blogger business cards’ made. To be honest I have had the idea for a while now, I think that they could be useful for networking at blogger events. Do any of you have business cards and do you find them to be a useful resource for networking?

I am also thinking about taking my blog photography a lot more seriously but unfortunately I do not have a ‘blogger boyfriend’ to take photos of me. Personally for me, taking photos on a tripod in my bedroom does become monotonous and boring after a while and honestly it doesn’t really give me room to be as creative as I would like to be.

I would love to have a photographer to collaborate/work with – or if you are a blogger who is also in the same predicament as me, we could possibly take photos of each other.

If anyone is interested, or has any suggestions, please do get in touch.

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