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I first came across Little Ondine when one of my work mates got this set in a goodie bag a while back. I had never heard of peel off/water based nail polishes before and so I was very much intrigued to try this set out.

I think this set was a limited edition item as it is no longer on the Little Ondine website however 2 of the 3 colours are available to purchase. Update: I have found the set on the QVC website Little Ondine 3 Piece Cosmic Nailcare Collection


1 x Nail Polish in Dark Crystal (10.5ml), 1 x Nail Polish in Nebula (10.5ml), 1 x Nail Polish in Radiance (10.5ml)


How to use: 

Prep your nails: clean the nail with an alcohol wipe or soap & water to remove natural oils from the surface of the nail. Ensure the nail is completely dry

Polish: apply two - three layers of colour

The polish will be dry within three - five minutes

Avoid soaking your hands in water for the first two - three hours after application

When you want to remove, simply peel away from the nail plate, beginning from the sides

The Little Ondine website suggests that you should apply their product 'Secret' as a top and base coat to make your polish last longer.

Pros of the Product:

Natural Ingredients - there are no hash chemicals at all, the nail polishes are advertised as vegan and child friendly. Main ingredients are natural resin, organic colourants and water

No Odour: I have to say I quite like the fact that this nail polish doesn't have a smell. There have been times when I've needed to do my nails either at work or somewhere in public but because 'normal' nail polishes have a very strong smell, I've been very conscious of this. I can now discreetly do my nails without offending anyone's sense of smell.

Quick Dry: the polish really does dry very quickly and even though it's water based it doesn't seem to smudge and it does have a shine to it after it dries.

Easy Peel Off: Now this is somewhat a pro and a con for me. I love how easy it is to take off the nail polish, literally no mess and no need for any chemical removers what so ever. You will never walk around with chipped polish ever again.

Cons of the Product:

Easy Peel Off: as mentioned in the pros section, I love that the polish peels off easily however this also means that it does not last long on your nails. I got about a good day's wear of the polish before it started getting air bubbles and peeling off on it's own. The Little Ondine Website claims that it could potentially last you for a week however that has not been my experience. 

I think for a one-off look or emergency manicure, the polishes are great but for a long-term manicure, I wouldn't recommend the product unless you do not mind doing your nails every other day.

Price Point: linking to the above point and considering how much wear you get out of the product; personally I think the price is a little high; the cost of a single polish starts at £9.50 to £11 and £30 to £34 for a set of 3. Considering all the pros, this may however not be that much of an issue for some people.


Nebula L151

So I can't seem to find this colour on their website. I don't know if it has been discontinued or if it was a limited edition colour just for this set which really is a shame as it's actually a favourite of mine.

The colour has this gorgeous chameleon effect and shimmer where it goes from green to gold to brown. It is really unique.

Radiance L905

Radiance is described as a sliver-based holographic glitter polish on their website.

Dark Crystal L011

Dark Crystal is described as a Galaxy black colour with shimmer and a glossy finish on the Little Ondine Website. 

All in all I really do love the concept - it's quite unique. Don't expect the polish to last like 'normal' polish does however if you like changing your nail polishes regularly with ease and without ruining your nails, then this product is right for you.

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