Life: Why I Do Not Glorify Busyness

“Beware the barrenness of a busy life” – Socrates

So I wasn’t really sure how to title this post as it took me a while to come to terms with the real issue that I wanted to address.

I thought about using the title: How To Be More Productive And Have More ‘Me’ Time or My Top Tips On How To Have More Time For Yourself, which are both great post titles and ideas however I didn’t think that they really addressed the issue at hand which is the glorification of the term ‘I’m Busy’.

I’m starting to feel like the laziest (ambitious) person in the world. And I am saying lazy because I googled the opposite of busy, as you do, and the answers that came up were – unbusy, unemployed, idle, lazy etc. How negative do some of those words sound and how so very incorrect??

Like most people, I have a job and I work hard, I have deadlines to meet, bills to pay, a blog to run, I have a family, friends (well mostly acquaintances – but still) bottom line is, I probably have the same amount of obligations and responsibilities as the next person but I would never say that I am a busy person. If anything I do have a lot of free time and me time. There is nothing that I love more than having the time to do nothing and anything, and that’s pretty much my nights and weekends summed up.

I think that a lot of people like to say that they are busy because it somehow makes them feel important, feel like they are being productive, that they are so ambitious and that they are hard working; which they could be. But take if from someone who has been there, you could be all of those things without the ‘I’m such a busy person’ tag attached to you. I genuinely believe that you could be the most hard working person in the world without being the busiest person in the world.

I think that because there is this glorification of busyness that people are putting so much unnecessary pressure and stress on themselves to always be doing something that they actually feel guilty/anxious if they are not doing something towards promoting their work. It’s great to work hard towards something but not when it comes at the cost of your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. 

I was going to leave some tips and tricks on how I manage my time but to be honest, I don’t think being not busy is something that you can teach or guide someone towards. It really is a personal choice. You really have to think about what it is really that you are so busy doing; what are you sacrificing for your busyness??

And if I ever tell you that I am busy, it’s probably because I am ‘busy’ having some me time and doing absolutely nothing.

Anyways, hope you like the post and hope it gets you thinking about the topic at hand. 

PS. I thought I would share with you some of my photos of the things that I enjoy on my free/me/unbusy/lazy times 🙂

Sunset Watching:

Nature walks:

Cinema Dates (mostly for one):

And of course, sleeping and eating. 

All Photos Taken By Me

Locations: Canada Water and Barnes. London, UK

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