Food: Sunday Brunching at CanadaWaterCafe

Hi guys,

So I am doing my very first ever food diary post (about time!!). I always get embarrassed to take photos in public especially in restaurants. Everyone just stares but I am kind of getting over it.

Anyways, I find it really hard to eat out, for health reasons, so when I do find something that works I stick to it. I have been to theĀ @CanadaWaterCafe a few times now for brunch and I am yet to be disappointed.

The cafe gets really busy for brunch as it’s near the station however the staff are always friendly and accommodating. The food is reasonably priced and they do cater for people with food allergies so just let the staff know before you order.

I always order a latte x2 (so good) and make my own breakfast which consists of scrambled eggs, mushrooms, smoked salmon/avocado.

Overall it’s such a cute cafe with great staff and great food at reasonable prices so if you are ever in Canada Water, pay them a visit.

Hope to do more food posts so any suggestions of places to try are welcome.

Hope you are all good and I will talk to you all in my next post x


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