Life: Quarter of a Century (August Recap)

Hi Guys,

Quarter of a Century!!

So yes I am a year older. 

I am really excited for the coming months as I feel a lot more confident in myself. I’m challenging myself each and everyday to face my fears and to just enjoy life. 

August has always been my favourite month and with it being my birthday month, I always seem to do a lot of reflecting around this time of the year. 

I moved to London 5 years ago and the transition has not been easy.

Looking back, these past few years have taught me a lot. I have been heart broken, I have changed jobs, I have moved houses, was temporarily ‘homeless’ at some point, lost friends and all in all I have realised that I am stronger than what I give myself credit for. 

There is more to me and there is definitely more to life.

I don’t want to live in fear and I don’t want to hold myself back anymore. I don’t want to look back in 25 years time and wish that I had done things differently. 

I want to live outside of my comfort zone and I guess this is a great starting point.

All in all I have really enjoyed the month; my sister visited me, my Dad took us out for dinner, I have had an amazing time off work just to relax, started blogging again, and I have just been enjoying more and more of London.

As always I hope you have a great week ahead and I will talk to you in my next post.

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