Life: Keeping Up With The Joneses


“To be happy we must not be too

concerned with others” ~ Albert


Hi Guys,

So I’m trying to be a bit more honest with myself with regards to my shopping habits.

It is so hard in the blogosphere especially with social media to not feel like you need to ‘keep up with the joneses’. There is always a new haul/lookbook to tempt you into buying things you don’t necessarily need.

Outside of necessities such as food, toiletries and the like, I will be documenting monthly what I have spent my money on. As someone who is on a minimalist journey (was a bit of a hoarder/shopaholic ) it’s very important to me to only add things to my life that I absolutely need and that have a significant purpose. I don’t want clutter anymore in my life be it physically, mentally or emotionally.

Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with shopping and buying things you love but when you find yourself with 300+ pairs of shoes that you don’t even wear or need, you know something has to change.

I am also very big on saving so hopefully this will be more of a minimalism/budgeting series and less about shopping itself.

New Series – Blogger Budget 


I am doing this series mainly for me to track my progress more than anything else but if you find it helpful or you draw inspiration from it for your own personal reasons then the better.

Hope you have an amazing week and I will talk to you on my next post.

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