“Everyone is not going to love you, most people don’t even love themselves” ~ Unknown

Hi Guys,

So the quote above inspired this post. I used to worry so much about what people thought of me that in some way I had stopped being true to myself. Do not be afraid to be who you are. People will judge no matter what it is that you do so why not do the things you love either way. Fear is the enemy, let it go, get out of your comfort zone and take risks. 

I have overtime come to accept that it is ok to; 

  • Embrace all that you are – It’s ok to be confident and to love parts of yourself, just like it is ok to not like some parts of yourself. 
  • Love and accept yourself – not everyone is a friend and not everyone is going to like you and you know what, THAT IS OK.
  • Be true to yourself – You do not have to apologise to anyone for being who you are.

With The Coat On

Hope you liked this post and I will talk to you in my next post

Outfit Details:

Crop Top: Forever21
Pencil Skirt: Forever21

Quilted Boots: eBay

Coat: Theory

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