Shopping: Depop

Hi guys,

I downloaded this app after +Shirley B. Eniang posted about it on her Instagram and I even bought a coat from her which sadly didn’t fit me so I had to sell it. It’s an amazing app if you are having a clear out and have quite a bit of a following as your items can sell really quickly. When I first got it, I wasn’t really selling a lot even though I followed their photo guidelines and everything so I deleted my items and gave up and decided to sell on ebay. Ebay is great if you want your items to sell quickly but it is just a hustle and a gamble compared to Depop I find.

I have been wanting to give the app another go and what better way to motivate me than this email which I got from Depop. Depop has removed their fees for the month of August to celebrate reaching a million users and I am definitely excited to start selling, selling, selling.

My Depop username is newandold, check it out and hopefully you will give some of my items a second home.

Some of my Tips for selling on Depop:

  • Key word: Exposure. Advertise your items on all your other social networking sites, people can’t buy it if they don’t know that it’s out there.
  • Putting hashtags about your product can help others to find it when they do a search.
  • It really helps to have amazing photos, it can get your photo featured on the Explore page which is like the popular page on Instagram. It really gets people to your page. Follow the photo guidelines on Depop.
  • And most importantly: you have to be patient. It takes time sometimes to sell anything at all but don’t give up. Answer questions, reply messages, follow all the tips and before you know it you will start selling and receiving feedback.

See you in the next post xx


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