A little life update and some tips.

Hi guys,

If you had a look at my “Happy 1st of August” post then you would know that I recently just got an amazing job offer. I was employed before but this is officially my first job as a graduate and I just finished my first week at my new job.

It was also my birthday on Thursday and my Manager actually bought me a cake and everyone in the office signed a card for me and wished me a happy birthday and it was a really nice welcome to the team.

Sorry about the dirty mirror (work bathroom)

I also just wanted to say congratulations to all the 2014 graduates and I wish you all the best in your job search. It does take time sometimes to get your dream job but don’t get discouraged. Looking for a job is a job in itself. Keep applying, go to interviews, learn about the company, learn about the post and always, always taylor your CV to the person specification, it really does help.

Rejection is totally inevitable but persistence is key. You will get rejected and you may even get disheartened, I know I was but you have to just believe in yourself and keep pushing yourself until you get there. It also helps to have an amazing support system because it can get tough.

Any-who, I wish everybody all the best in their future endeavours and keep on pushing until you get to were you want to be.

BY THE WAY: I will have a work wardrobe lookbook on the blog soon so look out for that and I will see you in the next post xx

Outfit Details:

Waterfall Blazer:  Zara

Dress:   Ax Paris

Court Shoes: Shoe Box 

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